Aluminium façades durable & modern

For many years, Speira has stood for innovation and progress when it comes to sophisticated aluminium façades. Our solutions meet the highest demands for almost every architectural or construction project and score points with their functional and visual properties.

Intelligent and sustainable façades made of aluminium from Speira

Efficiency, stability, and durability – see aluminium façades for yourself. In addition to its outstanding physical properties, aluminium cladding gives buildings an unmistakable and unique look, while impressing with its elegant and modern design.

With energy-efficient and flexible aluminium façade panels – sustainable and economical – you can reliably build upwards yourself. Thanks to its light weight, aluminium façade cladding from Speira is a reliable solution for tall building structures that has a positive effect both inside and out as an integral part of modern properties. Speira also supplies aluminium sheets up to 2.6 meters in size for particularly large façades. Experience for yourself our wide range of solutions for aluminium façades that meet the highest requirements and demands in the construction industry. For particularly demanding projects, we work together with renowned architects, metalworkers, and planners and provide support in the realization of tailor-made solutions in building construction.

For individual aesthetics in buildings

The simple processing of aluminium allows external wall cladding to be created that take on an individual shape and a desired color depending on the requirements. Thanks to the wide range of options, aluminium façades from Speira Speira, one of Europe's leading recycling and aluminium rolling companies, perfectly reflect a building's purpose and conveys a prestigious external appearance.

Durability over decades

The integrative protection of our aluminium façade solutions should also be emphasized. With versatile aluminium alloys and a decorative and durable coating, the surfaces of our aluminium sheets for façades shine with high resistance to weathering, UV radiation and corrosion. Even challengingly high or particularly low temperatures have no effect on the material properties and durability of a Speira aluminium façade.

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Reference projects with aluminium from Speira

Sustainability in construction with an aluminium façade

Aluminium façades are becoming increasingly important in future-oriented architecture. On the one hand, because aluminium façades can be used to develop an innovative, architecturally sophisticated design for any building structure and, on the other hand, because the sustainability of aluminium façades stands out from the mass of building materials. Aluminium façades are 100 % recyclable.

It can be returned to the material cycle almost indefinitely and without any loss of quality, which reduces the need for raw materials. This drastically reduces energy consumption compared to new production. In fact, recycling aluminium requires only around 5 % of the energy needed to produce primary aluminium.

Ultimately, aluminium façades score with their energy efficiency. Due to their reflective properties, the material helps a building to reduce heat absorption, which has many advantages in locations with very high temperatures. Integrating shading through an aluminium façade into the energy management system reduces dependence on air conditioning systems to create a pleasant atmosphere inside and reduce energy consumption.

All the advantages of an aluminium façade at a glance

  • Light weight for easy installation and efficient transportation
  • Immense strength and stability
  • Highly corrosion-resistant due to the natural oxide layer
  • Aesthetically pleasing and modern look
  • Simple processing for complex designs
  • Optimized energy efficiency by integrating the façade into the energy management system
  • Various surface treatments and a variety of paint systems possible

TECTURA. Build smart. Our solutions for sophisticated aluminium façades

TECTURA ALFHA1 for excellent surface quality

Our aluminium TECTURA ALFHA1 is the ideal material when exceptional resistance and durability are required for aluminium façades in combination with the natural, metallic aesthetics of aluminium. Manufactured on the basis of a high-quality hot-rolled strip, the sheets impress with their first-class surface homogeneity.

TECTURA ALFHA1 achieves a quality that meets even the highest demands thanks to a special version of the 5005 alloy that was developed exclusively for aluminium façades. This enables us to supply sheets that can be anodized in various ways and guarantee excellent flatness.

What else can you expect from TECTURA ALFHA1?

  • designed for low dimensional tolerances
  • particularly suitable for batch anodizing processes
  • excellent bending properties
  • available in the dimensions: thickness 1-4.5 mm, width 1,000-2,080 mm, length up to 6,000 mm
  • reliable reproducibility across all batches
TECTURA Giant for large façades

When it comes to large-scale aluminium façades with wide spans, our TECTURA Giant material type is an excellent choice. We offer TECTURA Giant in different alloy variants – depending on the strength, surface quality and dimensions required. Naturally, we are able to tailor any type of façade cladding in terms of the mechanical properties and surface finish of the aluminium required.

Thanks to their lightness and malleability combined with high strength, our TECTURA Giant sheets enable façade constructions that can be both complex and multidimensional. Anodized, powder-coated, blasted or brushed aluminium façades are possible as surface treatments. We work closely with architects and façade builders to tailor all requirements to the respective project.

What else can you expect from TECTURA Giant?

  • large formats and thicknesses
  • suitable for the construction of high-rise buildings, stadiums, commercial properties
  • high-quality surface finish
  • remarkable thermal properties for high energy efficiency
  • available in the following dimensions: thickness 3-12 mm, width 500-2,600 mm, length up to 12,000 mm
TECTURA Coated for painted aluminium façades

We have developed the TECTURA Coated product line especially for the requirements of the construction industry. The 3000 and 5000 series alloys, in combination with state-of-the-art, chrome-free aluminium pre-treatments and coatings, impress with their excellent durability. The coatings are based on highly resistant paint systems that meet the highest standards of high-quality finishing, individual aesthetic requirements and sustainability.

TECTURA Coated is typically used as a material for façade cladding, roofing and gutters. The coated aluminium impresses with its extreme durability and resistance to a wide range of environmental influences. We ensure the quality of TECTURA Coated through extensive outdoor weathering and accelerated corrosion tests.

What else can you expect from TECTURA Coated?

  • individually designed coating systems in accordance with international standards such as RAL, NCS and BS with exceptional color and gloss retention
  • a wide range of alloy and condition combinations, tailored to your requirements
  • outstanding bending and folding properties
  • long-term guarantees possible
  • available in the following dimensions: thickness 0.2-2 mm, width 30-1,575 mm, length up to 4,900 mm

Speira for high-quality aluminium façades

Speira has extensive expertise in rolling and recycling aluminium for façades. Our standards for untreated or painted surface finishes are just as high, which is reflected in our intelligent material solutions.

In addition to our expertise in aluminium façades and project implementation, it is a matter of course for us to support our customers in all technical challenges. We are constantly developing our alloys and semifinished products and thus offer innovative solutions that are market leaders.

Our team always has an open ear for you. Feel free to discuss your next project, your questions and ideas with us - and let us shape the future together as partners. You can reach us via the contact form. We look forward to hearing from you.

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