Aluminium products for the automotive industry Into the future with lightweight construction

The responsible handling of resources is one of the pressing issues of our time, and a challenge that we are keen to tackle. That is why our experts are developing and manufacturing high-quality material solutions for motor vehicles - always with the focus on sustainability.

Sustainability on board Lower emissions thanks to resource-efficient rolled aluminium products

Sustainable mobility is assuming an ever-increasing importance in our society. Electromobility, for example, is no longer some topic of the future, but has long since become an everyday reality. Of course, at Speira we've been dealing with this issue for quite some time and would like to promote the opportunities offered by environmentally-friendly vehicles with the help of our know-how relating to aluminium as a material. Because aluminium brings all the right qualifications for the job, and it enables a link between sustainability and mobility.

The wide ranging properties of aluminium, including excellent energy absorption and good conductivity, help automobile manufacturers and suppliers to build low-emission and lightweight vehicles.

Efficient, lightweight, and recycled This is our commitment to sustainable products

We think holistically and are pursuing clear goals: Speira is aiming to continuously reduce emissions, produce sustainably and increase the recycling rate of our products - despite the fact that we already supply products with a significantly lower CO2 footprint than the international average.

But we want to do even more, because for us, our environmental footprint is fundamental. That's why we're not just concerned about the impact of our own materials on the environment, but we're also involving our customers and partners.

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New Ideas – Day after Day

Thinking ahead, not only in research and development

Our experts are constantly at work on solutions for the future. They're not just busy improving products and processes in the automotive sector, but also incorporating innovative technologies into all of our business areas - all with the goal of making the best possible use of aluminium.

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