Aluminium recycling Keeping materials in the loop and decarbonizing industries

Aluminium recycling is the 'green branch' of 'old iron' – and it has been long before sustainability and circularity became megatrends in the metal industry. Used aluminium parts, alloys, and scraps are too valuable to be discarded. They are valuable materials that can be recycled without any loss of quality – and are also much more resource-efficient than primary production.

Recycling services for energy conservation and a reduced carbon footprint

Aluminium recycling requires only about 5 percent of the energy needed for primary extraction from aluminium ore. Furthermore, alloys retain all their properties during aluminium can recycling and can be recycled indefinitely. Melting from recycled material is, therefore, the logical choice for environmentally conscious customers who want to manage their metal supply efficiently and sustainably.

Thanks to decades of experience in aluminium recycling, state-of-the-art technologies, and the continuous development of new environmentally friendly processes, Speira can offer the best possible solutions for aluminium and magnesium recycling – with a focus on steadily reducing the carbon footprint of products and processes. We have written down our successes, our ambitions and what we want to be measured against in our sustainability report.

Comprehensive product range tailored aluminium recycling solutions

When it comes to aluminium recycling, the focus is on consumable materials with relatively short lifecycles. Speira offers a wide range of aluminium and magnesium alloys for both foundry and wrought applications:

In aluminium recycling, specifically in foundry applications, Speira specializes in producing high-quality aluminium-silicon alloys primarily sourced from scraps and dross, resulting in a relatively small CO2 footprint.

Beyond mere remelting, customized alloys are produced according to customer requirements. Production is ISO and ASI certified, and the delivery is either solid in ingots or liquid in crucibles.

The supply of liquid aluminium is particularly cost-effective, saving energy and thereby reducing CO2 emissions, while also simplifying handling for the customer. The customer doesn't need to maintain their own melting facility and can directly process the liquid casting alloy at the optimal temperature in their foundry.

For wrought applications in aluminium recycling, Speira can produce a variety of alloys from different types of scrap and dross – ideal for minimizing the carbon footprint. One of our strengths is the flexibility across our locations to provide aluminium recycling solutions to customers throughout Europe.

Aluminium recycling from raw material to end product

We process a wide range of scrap and dross at our sites. The majority of our raw materials comes from production processes, but the share of post-consumer and end-of-life scrap is growing steadily in the context of sustainability.

For remelting we have - depending on the input material - the appropriate aggregates: single-chamber furnaces are mainly used for melting and refining pure scrap. Double-chamber furnaces can also process scrap contaminated with paint or varnishes. Tilting rotary furnaces, on the other hand, are particularly suitable for heavily contaminated scrap and dross. The molten metal is either further treated in other furnaces for refining or poured into molds or crucibles for delivery.

Depending on the requirements of our customers, the refining of the melt can be combined with degassing, filtration, or other measures to influence the metal quality. All production and recycling processes are strictly controlled around the clock by quality monitoring systems.

A significant proportion of our cast and wrought products - in line with the individual requirements of our customers and the specific markets and products - are transferred directly as liquid metal to their foundries. Because of their better eco-balance, we are endeavoring to steadily increase the share of this delivery form. The other part of our products is cast in molds - as RSIs (Remelt Secondary Ingots), smaller ingots or cones.

Our aluminium recycling services remodeling and procurement

At Speira, we understand exactly which alloys are needed even for highly specialized applications and how to procure the right raw materials - throughout the entire supply chain.
Speira acts not only as a supplier of alloys, but also as a service provider for industry with its “recycling services” business unit - in toll converting as well as in the classic sell-buy business with recycling alloys.

Our services in the recycling sector include:

  • Production of special alloys for companies, based on buying and selling
  • Swapping of metal units against already recycled ones, making optimal use of Speira's procurement experience and network
  • Toll-converting aluminium scrap, especially dross and slag, and returning the metal to customers

Our approach to innovation goes beyond simply introducing new products and technologies. We are constantly exploring new ways to extend the circular economy not only to the metal itself but also to by-products such as salt slags in recycling.

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