Aluminum in transportation reduces weight and emissions

Global supply chains pose a new challenge every day in our increasingly interconnected world. As such, the transportation of goods and people plays a crucial role. Whether it's the rapid exchange of goods between continents or the increasing traffic in urban areas, the need for efficient, safe, and environmentally friendly transportation solutions is more apparent than ever.

Greater payload thanks to lightweight aluminium construction: more efficient transportation

Maximizing the efficiency of trucks, trailers, and attachments has become ever more important. This is achieved by utilising innovative materials that contribute to making these means of transport lighter, more robust and more resistant. Using aluminium in transport plays a key role in this regard. Its outstanding properties – such as its lightness and strength – makes for a significant improvement in terms of efficiency, environmental compatibility and economy.

At Speira, we deliver aluminium solutions for a variety of commercial vehicles. Our high-quality rolled products are optimal for silo vehicles, tankers, dump trucks as well as buses, delivery and special vehicles of various types. They are certified according to the requirements of all relevant regulations and standards such as AD 2000 W6/1, Pressure Equipment Directive, EN 14286, and EN 12392. Furthermore, we offer high-quality aluminium sheets for the manufacture of fuel tanks. Our comprehensive offer in the area of automotives includes meeting our customers’ diverse requirements, such as highest surface quality, perfect workability and tightest manufacturing tolerances.

Advantages of using aluminium in commercial vehicle construction

Using aluminium in transport offers a variety of advantages. Aluminium components are corrosion-resistant and lightweight. Installing them in the chassis and structures allows for a higher payload or load capacity while simultaneously reducing fuel consumption. To illustrate these savings: For tractor units, every kilogram of aluminium saves 26 kg of Co2 over their lifetime. Furthermore, aluminium is ideally suited for the manufacturing of fuel tanks, demonstrating its versatility and performance.

Aluminium moreover provides an excellent cost-benefit ratio and a wide design variety, making it possible to meet the specific requirements of our customers in the field of commercial vehicle construction. The use of aluminium in transport provides you with a durable, efficient, and cost-effective solution for your vehicles.

Safe and cost-effective aluminium material solutions for traffic and freight transport

Safety, low emissions and cost-efficient solutions are of central importance when it comes to transporting people and goods. We enable just that with our aluminium-based solutions for tractors, trailers, semi-trailers, and buses.

Rolled products of VIA Terra material type are the ideal material for commercial vehicle construction because of their outstanding weight-to-strength ratio. This advantage most of all pertains to payload, where aluminium has a huge advantage over steel. Speira’s aluminium products provide an excellent basis for a flawless surface finish and maximum safety of the end products. They enable significant fuel savings in transportation, resulting in reduced emissions during vehicle use.

Optimal material solutions for various vehicle types: aluminium in transport

Silo vehicles: efficiency and durability

Aluminium silo semi-trailers, tipping silo semi-trailers, silo bodies, and silo trailers provide an efficient solution for the transport of powder goods and granular materials. Our VIA Terra solutions ensure a high payload and durability of the vehicle, which is an important aspect in the area of silo vehicles.

Tank vehicles: safety and precision

Aluminium tankers meet the highest safety requirements with minimal manufacturing tolerances. Made of our VIA Terra Elongal Sheets, they comply with both the strict requirements of EN 14286 and ADR regulations. They are safe, maintenance-friendly, easy to repair and have a long service life, making them highly profitable. Aluminium constructions ensure an optimized payload.

Dump trucks: light and stable

The role that aluminium plays in transport becomes particularly evident in the context of dump trucks: Made of our VIA Terra aluminium, they are light and stable, resulting in high efficiency. They are used for a variety of transported goods such as building materials and agricultural products. They are also characterized by their long service life due to high corrosion resistance.

Buses, delivery vehicles and special vehicles: robust and sustainable

Aluminium buses, delivery vehicles and special vehicles are robust, sustainable, and designed for a lifespan of more than 20 years. The aluminium sheets used for these vehicles demand a high degree

of flatness and must meet high aesthetic standards when they are visible. Our VERSA Bend Sheets provide the perfect solution when it comes to absence of tension and small bending radii.

Fire trucks: durability and corrosion resistance

Fire trucks with aluminium lightweight components meet the highest demands in terms of robustness and corrosion resistance. Our VERSA Bend shaped aluminium elements are ideally suited for vehicle conversion thanks to their tight folds. They demonstrate high shape stability with a low weight and impress with enormous durability, even in demanding areas of application.

Aluminium in transport: the key to efficiency and sustainability

Aluminium provides a higher payload, lasting quality, and low maintenance in transportation. Its lightness and stability makes for a significant reduction in fuel consumption and emissions. Aluminium components in trucks, buses, and delivery vehicles are fully recyclable at the end of their service life. Work with us – together, we pave the way towards more sustainable mobility.

Our certified product range guarantees excellent results. Convince yourself of our diverse range of aluminium solutions that are used in the field of shipbuilding and transport.

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