We come across packaging everywhere: from fresh food packaging to coffee capsules and food in takeout trays. The requirements for the products are high, because they must protect the contents from external elements - but be hygienic, versatile and ecological as well.

VELA. The protective layer.

Whether for coffee capsules, beverage cartons, tablet blister packs, or to-go packaging for lasagna at the Italian restaurant around the corner. Our VELA solutions protect against external influences and fulfill all hygiene demands. And they are also extremely lightweight.

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You know immediately what it refers to: Coffee, especially coffee pods which are widely used today. Or life-saving medications in blister packs. Or food whose flavors make our mouths water. Or packs to protect liquids, for pet food, cigarettes – and technology.

Well packaged and optimally protected Safe, high-quality and lightweight solutions for aluminium foil products

At Speira, we offer the optimal material solutions and apply all of our know-how to achieve this. After all, we've been working with aluminium for packaging for more than 100 years - and have employees in our ranks whose parents and grandparents were also passionate about the material.

We develop and produce pre-materials in all sizes for semi-solid and solid packaging, which meet these high requirements and are also recyclable. Speira material solutions enable our customers to manufacture high-quality products - because as a material that is impermeable to light, gas and water vapor, aluminium possesses ideal properties for protecting a wide variety of filling goods. Come and discover our wide range of possibilities.

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