The Speira Spirit This is us. This is our belief.

It is the way we speak to each other. The way we take decisions. The way we think at work. And the way we work together and with our partners.​ ​

 We all share our purpose; our values; our culture; and our vision. ​ The direction we take. The environment of our work. For all this, we have defined The Speira Spirit.

Our purpose

Our purpose is to build a circular world that works. This is our fundamental belief and reason to exist. Our moral response and reason for being that goes beyond growing our business.​

We redefine the limits of rolling and recycling aluminium, to create innovative products & solutions and foster circularity, for the sustainability of the planet and our company.​

Our vision

Our vision inspires and pushes us. By 2030, we aim to be a leading player and industry benchmark in sustainability. ​We will deliver high quality, low carbon products ​ based on best-in-class rolling and recycling capabilities.​

Our values

For us in Speira it is as much about what we do as it is about how we do it.  Our culture is the fundament of how we work together and reach the targets we set. And our culture roots in our values:


We make our values work, building our culture every day. ​

We take ownership for results. We team up and work as one team. We take initiative to win. And in all that, build trust. ​ In short: Own. Trust. Team up. And Win.​

We inspire each other. We are TEAM SPEIRA – always aiming to perform great.

TRUST – in us, in our strength & capabilities, in each other, in our assets and be a trustworthy partner to all our stakeholders. Trust grows from promises kept, jobs delivered, from certified accountability, proven quality and acknowledged service.​ This starts with us: with the confidence we have in ourselves, the trust we develop in our colleagues.​ With the strong customer relations we have, we can be pleased about a century of experience, development, success, and trust-building.

DRIVE – our belief in continuous improvement, being ambitious and curios. We strive for higher excellence, ecological value and competence, influence, and contribution.​ Drive is how we push for better materials and products, better processes and solutions, better business, higher influence and impact – creating more value for all, foremost: the planet that we live on.​ But not least: we drive to improve the position of Team Speira.​

SHARE – is about transparency and openness, spreading our abilities and knowledge across our teams, to our business partners and to support society.​ It is earnings and savings, for financial results and for climate benefits. We share knowledge for our customers, for all who use their products – and for the greater good of our planet.​ The stronger we contribute to circular solutions, helping our biosphere, the more will we be trusted ​and confirm our reason for being, our purpose.​

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