The innovations of tomorrow made of aluminium

Promising material, promising future: At Speira we're driving innovations made of aluminium - and we've been doing it for many years! Together with our customers, we're creating solutions for a constantly evolving market and a sustainable industry. Aluminium is precisely the right material for this, because the product innovations of tomorrow are light, versatile and infinitely recyclable - just like our aluminium.

We challenge the future Our approach: We develop future-proof products jointly with our customers

The world is growing more and more disruptive. Advances in technology and in society are changing the products that make up our daily lives. This means new technical challenges are arising; ones that we face together with our customers. Starting with the product, we put the entire value creation chain in focus, in order to bring the ideal solutions for our customers and end consumers to life. We're always open to finding new paths.

Our customers get professional support from our team of experts, made up of engineers, chemists, market researchers, and commercial business specialists.  You too can benefit from our expertise. Let's work together to develop tailor-made solutions for a successful future.

Successful together Creating sustainable solutions

The increasing complexity in technical products and their even quicker development cycles are challenges best faced as a team. That's why we work with partners from universities, start-ups and industry to find the ideal solution for the specific issue quickly and efficiently. We bring all of this expertise to bear on your business and support the implementation of your ideas.

From start-ups to large-scale projects

With its incomparable possibilities for shaping forms, aluminium unleashes the creativity of designers and engineers alike. Add in its unique properties such as light weight, corrosion resistance, good conductivity, high rigidity and ease of recycling, and it's no wonder aluminium has become the preferred material in an increasing number of industries.

At Speira we're working every day to develop reliable solutions for a range of industries and to drive innovation forward. This isn't just about our own material solutions. It's also about the further use of the raw material after its actual useful life in a product.

Our research teams continuously support customers in business development and technical advancement around their products and processes - and are constantly widening the scope of aluminium's potential applications.

Progress through research Our material will continue to be the basis for many innovative products in the future

Aluminium is highly versatile and offers endless opportunities to create exciting new products that make the way we live more sustainable. That is inspiring not only to our partners and customers, but also to ourselves.

Our technical research teams ensure continuous technical advancement of the products and processes that are so very important to our customers. The experts work on innovations, are constantly questioning the status quo, and are continuously pushing the boundaries of aluminium applications.

Ideal for your project: our specialist teams

In development centers and production plants we are finding the optimal solutions for our customers

Analysis, set, go

Achieve efficient manufacturing with our development centers and production plants

In good hands with the brightest minds

Achieve efficient manufacturing with our development centers and production plants

100% effective No problem.

Achieve optimal manufacturing with our development centers and production plants

Research and development in detail

At Speira, your next project is in good hands thanks to our wide range of specialized teams.

Our Research & Development in Bonn has with its laboratory for chemical analysis a testing laboratory accredited according to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025 (D-PL-21383-01-00) for the elemental analysis of aluminum and aluminum alloys as well as accreditation as a manufacturer of certified aluminum reference material according to DIN EN ISO 17034 (D-RM-21383-01-00). We would be pleased to inform you about the test methods and the offered aluminum reference materials in the accredited area. Just contact us QM.Bonn[a]

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