Aluminium shipbuilding Lower weight, high impact

Aluminium has proven to be an effective solution in the construction of ships and is becoming increasingly important. The robust material has clear sustainability advantages and offers an efficient construction method with far-reaching potential in shipbuilding. Speira operates as one of the leading players in the international market, possessing not only excellent technical expertise, but also offering extensive individual solutions in the field of aluminium shipbuilding and transportation.

Using aluminium for boats offers plenty of opportunities

Using aluminium for maritime applications and aluminium shipbuilding opens up opportunities for the implementation of sustainable technologies. This is especially relevant in times of climate change – aluminium shipbuilding allows companies in the field of maritime transport, the cruise industry or private shipping to fulfill their ecological responsibilities. As an experienced partner, Speira offers solutions for sustainable and cost-efficient shipbuilding with its aluminum rolling mills and recycling capabilities.

Aluminium shipbuilding is extremely effective because of the material’s properties. It can be shaped to meet complex requirements. It also offers outstanding energy absorption, corrosion resistance and is easily repaired and maintained. Aluminium, despite its reduced weight, does not lose out on shape stability – the cost-efficient designs made from formed and welded semi-finished products exhibit an extraordinarily high torsional resistance.

Aluminium shipbuilding innovation and sustainability

Efforts to develop propulsion methods that are as emission-free as possible are driving innovation in shipbuilding and ship transportation forward. The lightweight and infinitely recyclable aluminium is the ideal material when it comes to putting sustainable shipbuilding into practice. Speira develops alloys containing a high proportion of recycled materials and contributes to sustainable developments in the field of aluminium shipbuilding worldwide. Our material solutions being certified by the most important classification societies, we are not only committed to full transparency, but also consistently provide high-quality and long-lasting solutions in the field of aluminium shipbuilding.


Advantages of using aluminium for boat building

  • light and efficient material
  • corrosion-resistant and low maintenance
  • robust, resistant and durable
  • flexible usage, formable and available in any size
  • sustainable and 100 % recyclable

Reliable material solutions for maritime applications aluminium shipbuilding with Speira

Speira's aluminum sheets are the optimal solution for maritime applications. Reduce production costs and benefit from all the other advantages that aluminium shipbuilding has to offer. Flat rolled aluminium has many further intelligent uses and also comes in handy in the context of catamarans, crew transfer vessels and aluminium yacht building. Aluminium shipbuilding not only represents one our core values – sustainability – but also provides numerous advantages. For example, aluminium improves driving properties because of higher stiffness and can make for a more advantageous center of gravity due to aluminium installations in the upper deck area of ferries, workboats, yachts, or cruise ships.

Our VIA Maris products are the result of long experience in rolling high-strength 5000-series alloys and present a reliable and lightweight solution for boats as well as for the offshore industry. Our product range includes two alloy versions: the standard VIA Maris (equivalent to alloy type 5083) and our optimized premium version VIA Maris Njørdal, which offers even higher strength compared to the standard 5083 alloy.

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Aluminium shipbuilding with Speira competent and reliable

Photo: van der Valk Shipyard.

Putting aluminium shipbuilding into practice goes along with a variety of requirements, for which Speira provides precise and individual solutions. With a special focus on our customers and the highest demand on our aluminium rolled products, we guarantee a high level of professional competence.

Our certified products and their diverse applications enable you to achieve outstanding results and significant competitive advantages. Get to know our diverse aluminium solutions, which are also used in the field of transport and traffic. Feel free to contact us personally – we would be happy to provide you with individual advice. Our customer service is always available to you and will help you on your search for the ideal material solution for your project.

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