Pharmaceuticals Sterile, formable and ideal for processing

When it comes to health, we don’t take shortcuts – that’s why we provide you with outstanding material solutions that meet the highest safety standards. In further processing, a wide range of products are created for the pharmaceutical industry.

Our foil solutions for packaging of pharmaceutical products

For medical devices and personal care and hygiene products, aluminium foil is often used - most notably for blister packaging. No wonder, because here the advantages really shine through: The sterile packaging can be opened easily. In particular, cold-formed blister or strip packs offer excellent formability and can be formed into highly complex shapes without compromising their barrier properties.

Our portfolio includes alloys from 1XXX to 8XXX with varying degrees of hardness, from soft to roller-hard. On top of that, we can handle roll sizes from 5000 to 65000 meters and process thicknesses from 0.005 mm to 0.2 mm.

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