Industrial applications & Consumer Goods Aluminium – the perfect material for trade and industry

From the newspaper in your hands to the heat exchanger in your car and even the tea lights in your living room: for every application, we have a solution. Together with you, we can implement challenging projects with enthusiasm and passion.

VERSA. The multitalent.

Our VERSA solutions are equipped with special features that are required in different areas. They are true multi-talents.

Its wide range of possible applications makes aluminium one of the essential materials for industry. With good reason, because it can be used in almost all manufacturing processes and procedures - and can also be used in consumer goods. Beyond that, it is profitable to use: The principal advantages of the metal are its light weight combined with high strength, good formability and corrosion resistance. When combined with its good weldability and reformability along with its ideal conductivity properties, it provides optimum conditions for further processing. 

This is exactly what you'll find with Speira: We're a global supplier of aluminium materials for industry, and we use our solutions to manufacture cables, transformers, heat exchangers, ventilation technology as well as consumer goods. We are engaged in the high-grade processing and reuse of aluminium and our portfolio includes bright-rolled, coated and anodized products. Of course, we're happy to manufacture materials tailored to your individual wishes and ideas.

You have a wide range of specifications and designs at your disposal: Thicknesses between 60 µm and 12.5mm, widths from 40 mm (strip) to 2600 mm (sheets) and lengths of up to 20 m. You can also source the following alloys from us: 1xxx, 3xxx, 4xxx, 5xxx, 6xxx and 8xxx series.

Simply electrifying: Our material solutions. For 30 years we've been offering excellent semi-finished products in the electrical engineering sector.

The field of electrical engineering is constantly evolving and posing new challenges for the industry, which we are pleased to take on with aluminium slit strips. These are what enable electronic transformers and electric vehicles as well as underwater cables due to their high conductivity. What's unique: They're also available in narrow rings.

We've been a leader in aluminium strips for electrotechnical applications for a long time. You can get several different alloys from Speira, such as the 3105-E, which enable successful further processing and drive your work forward.

From flat-rolled aluminium, we produce material solutions that our customers install in busbars, collector plates as well as connectors and junction boxes. Our alloys offer excellent properties for thermoforming. This makes them very well suited for the electronics and electrical engineering industries. In addition, with this high-strength conductor, we are widening our expertise in flat-rolled aluminium. This is made possible by a novel process based on our lean continuous strip casting.

Based on novel, lean processing, our VERSA solutions can mark a step change material for electrotechnical applications - promising high efficiency in lead time, carbon footprint and product performance.

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Customizable with a wide range of options On hand with extensive experience and multiple alloy variants

Multi-layer composite pipes made of aluminium are increasingly being used for the installation of water and heating systems as well as for compressed air and gas systems. We've developed our own product specifically for these fields to deliver you the optimum results.

As one of the leading suppliers in the aluminium multi-layer composite pipe market, we offer more than 25 years of experience and product expertise. Our sophisticated material solutions offer optimum reformability, weldability and pressure resistance. Combined with high pressure performance, flexibility and material savings within the tightest possible tolerances, solutions are possible for all types of applications.

Our patented thermoelectric pre-treatment ensures excellent adhesive properties for the aluminium. This allows us to produce a range of 3XXX alloys, which are used primarily for multi-layer composite pipes. Our expertise in aluminium slitting guarantees you the highest level of safety for piping products. In addition, our Research and Development department is constantly working on new innovations and possesses a wide range of know-how in key areas for multi-layer composite pipes, including materials science, testing technology, and surface technology.

A highlight in our portfolio: Sustainable tealights We roll starting materials and recycle used tealight holders

Tealights create an intimate ambiance, exude warmth and can be found in almost every household. With our aluminium foil, we ensure that they can be used safely. Our finely-tuned process includes the option of customized lubrication and guarantees optimal mechanical processing.

At our Norwegian plant in Holmestrand, we have a long tradition of manufacturing tailor-made solutions with the lowest tolerances, which are also recyclable and exceptionally economical in material use. For our final products, we use high-quality material such as synthetic FDA-approved vegan lubricant.

As one of the very first suppliers, we're already traveling around in millions of cars.

We develop customized solutions for all aspects of heat exchangers – including industrial applications.

Heat exchangers don't just play a major role in the automotive sector; the technology is also applied in many other sectors. At Speira, we produce innovative pre-materials for heat exchangers made of aluminium, which feature high strength and corrosion resistance - and also offer opportunities for weight reduction through targeted refinement of alloys.

Our industry-leading center for research and development produces customized solutions and technologies for a wide range of industries. We produce strips and sheets for heat exchangers for the automotive industry, in air conditioning, cooling and heating, and other areas.

An alloy for any need

We live in a world that feeds us information on a daily basis - above all, print media are still of huge importance here. That makes it all the more important to produce the very best prints. Our material makes this possible, thanks to its excellent processing and surface quality.

Our materials allow maximum flexibility for every application area

Every day we have them in our hands. They inform us or provide relaxation. Whether it's the newspaper in the morning or a good book in the evening - our alloys enable the best printing results.

We use our own custom-developed HPSplus process to produce an optimized and homogeneous surface. This results in lithographic ribbons for offset printing plates that have the highest smoothness and ideal processing properties. In this way, we've created a processing chain for manufacturers of offset printing plates that achieves increased throughput coupled with enhanced energy efficiency and improved product quality.

In our research and development as well as in our lithography centers, we exploit the advantages of the metal, producing cutting-edge high-performance alloys with energy-saving processing. This yields the most stringent, uniform flatness while meeting surface tolerances. All our products are suitable for mechanical or electrochemical buffing. The thickness range extends from 0.1-0.5 mm in widths of up to 1650 mm. And since we're always looking for ways to further improve, we've launched our latest alloy HA1052B in hardness grades H18 and H19, a product boasting even more ideal properties.

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