Shipbuilding & transportation Efficiency for passenger and freight transportation

We help to keep you on the move at all times – whether by road, rail, or water. Our material solutions are as bespoke as your projects, delivering enormous potential while also protecting the planet.

VIA. The efficient way to transport.

The way is the goal. We help keep it moving - whether by road, rail or water. Our VIA-material solutions are as individual as our customers' projects, offer enormous potential and protect the planet at the same time.

Our world is constantly changing - and with it, the demands on mobility are growing. Because more and more people are on the move, while at the same time, sustainability is growing in importance. To meet these challenges, efficient and long-term solutions are needed. With aluminium, we have a raw material that is ideally suited for use in commercial vehicles on both land and water. Because this makes it possible to create lightweight structures that guarantee the safe transport of people and effective transport of goods. At Speira, you can source reliable semi-finished products for buses, trains, trucks and shipbuilding.

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