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They’re practical, durable, and made of aluminium: our wide range of products ensures we can enjoy our foods. While we ensure that aluminium sheeting provides the perfect solution for your needs.

Our material solutions Tailor-made to your requirements

Cans are a popular way of storing perishable or non-perishable foods for extended periods and they can be found in almost every household. And rightly so, because they offer optimum protection from light for example, are easy to handle and are hygienic.

In Norway, it began a century ago with the export of canned fish. At that time, our plant in Holmestrand, was already producing safe food cans made of coated aluminium. With apparent success, because today Speira is a leader in supplying grades of coated aluminium for food preservation. Our customers can choose from a wide range of forms and customized solutions.

Our raw materials for food cans offer optimal solutions for your needs

Our can material is manufactured on a dedicated line and is available in a variety of alloys and material states. Before coating, we use our unique electrochemical pre-treatment, which is environmentally friendly, non-toxic and completely free of chromium. This ensures optimum adhesion between the aluminium and the paint.

In the process, we select the coating to match the end application: they differ depending on the type of can and lid, the packaging media and expected shelf life of the filled cans. You also have an appealing range of visual finishes to choose from, as we supply outer gold and clear coatings, as well as two different systems as a primary coating, format coating or white polyester coating. This means that with us, you'll always find exactly the right material solution to fit your requirements.

Well packaged for great taste

Aluminium foil allows flexible solutions, from sachets and pouches to labels, closures and seals. The finished products are cost-effective and offer complete protection against light, gases, oil and grease, volatile compounds and water vapor. Due to the temperature resistance and stable thermal conditions, food and beverages remain fresh for a long time, delighting their users.

Safe and high-quality food packaging with aluminium foil

The packaging exhibits high strength and is safe in contact with all foodstuffs. Aluminium foil is also ideal in terms of appearance, because it brings with it two other major advantages: It can be applied very well decoratively and can be printed with high resolution using modern processes such as flexographic printing, gravure and offset printing. Designers in particular will benefit from this, as the glossy and matte surfaces of the aluminium foil offer them almost unlimited design possibilities.

With us you can expect a product range of varied alloys and specifications - upon request you can be supplied with further thicknesses, conditions or surfaces. Feel free to contact us.

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