Beverages Benefit: Packaging

We run across many different forms of drink packaging in our daily lives. At Speira, we focus on those with aluminium sheeting as a core material. Thanks to our extensive experience and know-how, we can bring your specific visions to life.

As the largest European foil producer we supply the food sector with individual solutions

Our materials are ideally suited for food packaging. This is because the unique barrier characteristics of aluminium foil act as an insulator from moisture, aroma, oxygen and other gases, as well as from microorganisms and light. Furthermore, it neither hosts nor fosters bacteria. And the lower weight reduces the time and effort required for transportation. Modern separation techniques also make it possible to recycle the aluminium foil - using only a fraction of the energy originally consumed.

As one of the world's market leaders, we produce thin aluminium foils for aseptic packaging. You can get thicknesses down to 0.006 mm and widths of up to 2020 mm. Our film comes cut, tested and ready for further processing.

In our manufacturing facilities, we can even accommodate individual customer requests. We ensure excellent mechanical properties and trouble-free operation in order to achieve maximum productivity for our customers.

Our solution for the production of sustainable aluminium coffee capsules In this fast-growing segment, Speira offers a high share of recycled content

We help our customers to market sustainably produced coffee capsules. Our alloy types offer the ability to incorporate a high percentage of recycled material. And Speira has more to offer than just an ideal value chain: The best thermoforming properties, good paintability and optionally degreased, activated surfaces provide the perfect starting point for high-quality capsules.

Our portfolio covers everything from a pre-rolled strip to a final thickness of 90 micrometers.

And with our AA8011 and AA3104 alloys, we supply the right solution for all applications.

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