Life cycle thinking

Holistic sustainability approach

At Speira we follow a holistic strategy with a clear set of priorities to minimize our product’s environmental footprint throughout their life cycle. This includes reducing the environmental impact of our production activities and using business opportunities to enable our customers do the same. Furthermore, we support a wide range of activities to promote resource efficient aluminium products and increase the recycling of used ones.

Who we are

Get to know us

Speira is a global aluminium rolling and recycling company and consists of seven manufacturing facilities, as well as one R&D center. Locations in Germany and Norway including our Joint Venture Alunorf, the world´s largest aluminium rolling mill, Grevenbroich, the world´s largest rolled aluminium finishing mill, as well as several international sales offices. Speira employs around 5,000 people mainly in Germany and Norway.

Speira operations are built on over a century of aluminium rolling and recycling experience and technical expertise for aluminium products. This, together with a strong entrepreneurial mindset and increased agility in the market, we re-start as Speira.

Our name is a message: Speira comes from Greek and stands for a spiral of growing influence that originates from a strong core, uplifting performances and much more: Speira also stands for the circularity of production, using and recycling, again and again. With its spirit, expertise, and enthusiasm, Speira will move ahead, take the lead, and show what’s all possible.

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Who we are

Partnering and co-creation to generate value

We collaborate with our value chain partners to better understand and improve the lifecycle effects of our aluminium products when the time has come for them to be recycled. In this context, we conduct and support scientific lifecycle assessments to analyse the impact of aluminium in all phases of its service life. The results are publicly communicated to spread the knowledge of how to use aluminium in a more sustainable way.

Our ambition

Stimulating the ‘circular society’

Speira supports many initiatives to get even more aluminium products properly recycled after their functionality has ended. That’s why we have been active for decades in developing pan-European networks of national initiatives to promote and recycle aluminium. 

To advance the separate collection and recycling of used aluminium products, we work in close partnership with our customers from food and beverage companies, as well as with national and local authorities and stakeholders. This starts early by educating children in their schools.

The amount of material for recycling is limited: aluminium products often have a lifespan of 20 years and more. Closing the material loop by further increasing recycling rates is the only way of making more scrap ready to substitute primary material.                  

As a result, the average recycling rate of aluminium beverage cans in Europe now stands at 76 percent. Together with our industry partners, we have launched a roadmap towards 100% aluminium beverage can recycling by 2030. Thanks to more innovative sorting and recycling technologies, we expect increased recycling of used aluminium packaging in more and more countries, which we support with our technical expertise.


Manufacturing facilities and one R&D centre

Our strong European production base with locations across Germany and Norway includes our Joint Venture Alunorf, the world’s largest plant for casting and rolling of aluminium, and Grevenbroich, our headquarter and the world’s largest rolled aluminium finishing mill.



Our colleagues may have the most diverse backgrounds and experiences from the various business areas, functions and locations. But they are all united by a common passion for aluminium, the metal of the future. And this future has begun.


Benchmark in Sustainability

We have a clear vision to become the industry benchmark in sustainability by delivering high-quality low-carbon products based on our best-in-class rolling and recycling capabilities.

How we work

A matching strategy

Pushing the boundaries of reliability, quality, sustainability, and innovation even further


Speira is a leading global manufacturer of advanced rolled aluminium products, producing approximately one million tonnes per year. We put our customers at the core of everything we do, while always aiming to push the boundaries of reliability, quality, sustainability, and innovation even further. We are proud to serve some of the best-known global companies in the automotive, packaging, printing, engineering, building and construction industry - many for decades. Our success along the way demonstrates our skills in aluminium rolling and recycling, as documented by our customer’s appreciation for the consistency and reliability of our quality products. We supply on a worldwide scale and service on location. Our employees embody our strong entrepreneurial mindset and agile ways of working in an international environment, also in developing new, better solutions with our customers and partners. All we do, is based on accountability, teamwork, a winning mentality, and trust.

Our vision

By 2030, we aim to be a leading player and industry benchmark in sustainability. We will produce high-quality low-carbon products based on best-in-class rolling and recycling capabilities.

Our passion

Create more resource-efficient products and solutions

We further optimize the resource efficiency of aluminium products through leading R&D and excellent customer support. Our R&D department in Bonn plays a central role in our sustainability strategy.

Speira is a strong supplier to one of the fastest-growing product segments in any user market and a crucial issue for our planet: greener mobility: Cars and all means of transportation need to lose weight, be more energy-efficient to reduce CO2 emissions. Reducing weight plays a major role, which is why our relevance for carmakers and other transportation industries has only grown. We also support the switch to electro-mobility with our innovative aluminium solutions. We and our products are part of the low-carbon future.


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