Redefining the limits of can circularity

Together with three other members of the European Aluminium Packaging Group (EAPG), Speira has signed an agreement to engage in a standardisation project to maximise the recycled content levels of the beverage can and thus substantially lower carbon emissions, focused on increased recyclability of the can end.

“This project is a significant step in our ambition to build a circular world that works. We team up with industry peers to set new standards for the entire can business“, says Einar Glomnes, Speira CEO. And Boris Kurth, Head of Speira's Can Business, adds: “We are excited to get started with this joint endeavor. Recycled content is the biggest leaver to reduce our carbon footprint, and where better to apply this than in the fast-moving can business?!“

Today, the aluminium beverage can body and the can end are made from two different aluminium alloys. While the rolled aluminium for the can body already contains a high percentage of recycled aluminium and supports ultra-high recyclability, there is additional sustainability potential related to the can end. The project will focus on exploring alternative, morerecycling–friendly alloy(s) for the can end. The use of recycled aluminium drastically reduces direct carbon emissions and saves 95 percent of energy compared with primary aluminium production. An alternative alloy with a high recycled content for the can end will enable can makers to offer cans with strongly reduced carbon emissions. The ultimate aim is to develop an aluminium beverage can which can be produced from up to 100 percent recycled aluminium and to deploy it on the market.

EAPG will provide the platform to execute the project, building on its vast experience in developing such collaborative activities. The multi-year project aims to fully engage other value chain partners directly involved in the process of canmaking, filling, and closing.

“Collaboration and pooling of expertise on this vital topic is something that all company members of the Packaging Group of European Aluminium are fully committed to, and that will help decarbonise our industry“, states Maarten Labberton, Director of the European Aluminium Packaging Group. “The project is a key driver towards full circularity and will make beverage cans an even more sustainable packaging. In addition, with the steady growth of Deposit Return Systems across Europe, we will be able to recycle more cans via can-to-can remelting solutions, in line with the joint roadmap with the
canmakers towards 100 percent beverage can recycling by 2030.”

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