Automotive Inside or outside – aluminium is optimal

Our high-performance solutions for modern vehicles

The automotive industry is changing and is increasingly coming to rely on aluminium to manufacture vehicle components. This is because the material offers enormous lightweight construction potential, outstanding energy absorption properties, and good corrosion resistance - which we use to enable the automotive industry to make cars lighter and to reduce CO2 emissions, without sacrificing driving dynamics. This allows us to increase competitiveness and meet the increasingly demanding legal standards.

Cooperating closely with you, we can implement cost-efficient material solutions - offering you sustainable and innovative products and solutions for the automotive industry of today and tomorrow. Our portfolio ranges from solutions for high-strength interior elements to complex exterior components.

Our materials for interior applications in vehicles

In close cooperation with our customers, more commercially interesting applications are being developed than ever before. As a reliable partner, we supply first-class rolled aluminium products of the highest quality. This is how we are jointly ensuring that motor vehicles are becoming more lightweight, more efficient and safer. 

SOUL. The core of construction.

Our SOUL solutions enable designs that - even if invisible - breathe life into vehicles and are essential for aspects such as lightness, safety and stability.

When it comes to car body structure, it pays to look closely - because at first glance, it is often not possible to tell whether the parts are made of aluminium or from other materials. Yet these invisible applications, among others, are what make more sustainable vehicles possible.

At Speira, we take advantage of both the high malleability and the good corrosion behavior of aluminium to produce customized material solutions. Around 1.5 million motor vehicles are already equipped with rear and front subframes made from rolled aluminium semi-finished products from Speira. Aluminium sheeting is used in the chassis primarily to reduce the mass of non-suspended portions. This particularly supports the driving dynamics and is a source of pleasure for the drivers.
Good to know: Thanks to the exceptional corrosion resistance of aluminium, painting is not necessary.

We offer an extensive range of alloys in order to cover a broad spectrum of performance properties. Our solutions are based on 5xxx and 6xxx series alloys and enable the reproduction of highly complex one-piece interior door components without any joining operations. In addition, we offer other high-strength alloys for a wide range of applications that enable reduced wall thicknesses, contributing to efficient cost reduction.

AURA. The freedom of design.

Our AURA solutions stand for maximum design flexibility. They significantly contribute to give vehicles a unique and recognizable design.

On its own, a vehicle's appearance is often enough of a selling point - and rightly so, because we all want to move through the world in safety and elegance. This requires reliable components that also offer design freedom.

Exterior body parts require an excellent surface finish, mounted parts such as doors need to be rigid, while structural parts require sheeting that allows complex shapes. Our material is ideally suited to all of these requirements, since rolled aluminium alloys are not only significantly lighter than conventional materials, but also offer good forming and functional properties - as already proven in many automotive segments.

Our tailor-made aluminium solutions enable beautiful vehicles with low weight

With us you'll find a range of aluminium-based material solutions and alloys for various applications. The material provides good malleability, high dent resistance and elongation strength along with good corrosion behavior. In addition, our material solutions provide a high-quality surface finish and appearance after forming.

Individual requirements are no problem for us. Thanks to special modifications to the manufacturing process - from the initial casting to the final heat treatment in automotive-specific annealing furnaces on our automotive line 3 (AL 3) - and through the targeted adjustment of the alloy composition, we can produce variants with individually-tailored properties for a wide range of requirements and applications.

From aluminium comes gracefulness

In our AL 3 production facility, equipped with the latest technology, our solutions are provided with specifically-defined surface topographies in order to push the limits of forming. In addition, conversion treatment takes place to strengthen adhesion. In a final production step, lubricants are applied to protect the surface and improve malleability.

In addition, we can also supply alloys with special surface topographies to extend the forming limits or with conversion treatment to enhance adhesion, as well as a range of lubricants for surface protection and improved malleability.



This overview gives you the facts about our interior and exterior parts at a glance:
  • Fast-curing alloys for use at low paint baking temperatures
  • Alloys for body parts with exacting requirements for folding performance
  • Alloys with improved forming properties for the manufacturing of components with complex geometries
  • High-strength alloys that enable weight savings through reduced wall thicknesses
  • Corrosion-resistant chassis solutions that work even under permanent temperature exposure