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Reliability from battery cell to chassis – our tailor-made material solutions are advancing electric mobility

At Speira, we have long recognized this trend and made an early start on developing customized aluminium alloys that push battery technology forward. Today, we are a volume supplier to leading global battery manufacturers and offer an extensive product portfolio that covers the entire spectrum from battery electrode foils to cell connectors, heat exchangers, and housing materials.

It is exactly this broad view of the market and technology, coupled with our many years of experience, that make us a reliable development partner. Together with you, we strive to shape the future of electric mobility and battery technology by working together to make individual product solutions a success.

Our Speira ION for your battery system: From mobility and energy supplies to power tools – the future is electric. And modern battery technology demands high-performance materials.

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ION. The source of energy.

The battery systems market is a market with future. And we are taking an active role in creating this future with ION. We work in an environment with a high level of potential and are convinced that the market will offer us many more opportunities to shape the future. Our battery technologies already provide answers today to the questions of tomorrow: high-performance materials that are durable, lightweight and conductive are driving the market forward.

Aluminium is a highly versatile material: In addition to its low density, it offers excellent electrical and thermal conductivity, as well as high formability while maintaining good rigidity. Through correct alloy processing and smart production controls, we optimize this range of positive attributes and tune them individually to match the specifications of our customers' products. Plus, our aluminium is sustainable because the material can be recycled an infinite number of times, without sacrificing any of its properties. Good to know: Around 75% of all aluminium ever produced is still in circulation.

More sustainable aluminium for the battery market, such as the material we have produced and continuously developed in Europe, can make a significant contribution to meeting future CO2 emission reduction requirements, while also supporting the circular economy. This inherent versatility of the material combined with our expertise make aluminium a natural choice for battery systems and future mobility.

Ensures maximum storage capacity Our electrode foils for lithium-ion batteries

Lithium-ion batteries are ideal for our cellphones and electric vehicles because they are powerful, reliable, and versatile. 

At Speira, we have been handling the production of pre-material for these types of battery cells for many years. Thanks to the most stringent quality requirements, these materials meet the demanding standards of the automotive industry and are IATF-certified.

We're also proud to be a reliable supplier to one of the world's largest battery producers. But we're setting our sights even higher: because we are firmly committed to the long-term goal of effective manufacturing on multiple production lines.

Our electrode foils serve as a carrier material for the active mass of a lithium-ion battery, where the active material can be applied particularly easily. Good flatness values and low porosity mean that our customers can steadily increase the efficiency of their downstream processing. If required, we can adapt the surface tension to ideally fit the specific customer project.

We also supply foils with glossy surfaces: in the classic thickness range of 12-15 micrometers, we are happy to accommodate customer-specific requirements. Our pre-material always combines high tensile strength with good elongation stretching. Our high-purity 1XXX and 8XXX alloys deliver outstanding conductivity that meets the highest standards.


Safety meets performance Our aluminium is the multi-functional protective layer for your battery system

High-powered batteries must be protected. This requires a material that can be formed into complex shapes. Our aluminium materials for cellular and module housings not only combine high safety with lightweight construction - they also enable improved thermal management thanks to their excellent thermal conductivity, increased service life dueto a more homogeneous temperature distribution in the cell, and faster charging thanks to the efficient cooling of your battery system. As a main supplier to the largest battery manufacturer in Europe, we know what's important, and are happy to work with you to develop a strong and reliable aluminium solution.

Reliable connection – efficient conductivity Our material solutions for busbars and contact systems

Keep the power on with our aluminium solutions for contact systems and busbars. Our materials enable a skillful balance between high specific conductivity, lightweight potential, and minimal contact resistance. And we don't need to shy away from comparisons with copper materials here: Fast-growing markets demand reliable performance on a top level, with low costs at the same time - here, our aluminium clearly has the edge. Contact us and we'll find the ideal solution for your efficient battery system.

Always at a comfortable temperature Thermal management with Speira aluminium for greater driving range and longer service life

Modern battery systems show optimal performance and service life between approx. 20°C and 40°C. The task of thermal management systems is to ensure this "sweet spot" and to keep the battery at a comfortable operating temperature. Our specially developed materials for heat exchangers in battery applications guarantee sophisticated and efficient thermal management, whether it's during fast charging or out on the road. Thanks to their excellent malleability, adhesive and soldering properties, and ease of further processing, our materials enable tailor-made solutions for every application.

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Our strongest material for your safety We combine crash safety and vehicle performance with robust material solutions

The vehicles of the future are powerful, safe, and efficient. We are paving the way for this with our tailored aluminium alloys for battery casings, combining maximum robustness with the potential for economical lightweight design. Our materials not only protect your battery in the event of a crash - corrosion is also efficiently avoided and the high thermal conductivity of aluminium enables improved thermal management under both hot and cold conditions. In addition, battery casing made of our materials meet all requirements for electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) as well as water and gas sealing.

Do you need complex geometries and precisely-fitting solutions, too? No problem, because our versatile alloys for battery casings are also weldable and can be reformed optimally.