Transparency and integrity are clearly part of our philosophy.

What happens in the name of Speira – that's what we are accountable for. Please let us know if you think something is not going right.

Community Feedback

Write us your feedback, criticism or complaint! Please be as specific as possible so that we can clearly assign your report to a location and a contact person. In the case of alleged environmental damage: Please state the time and location of your observation.

Messages can be submitted anonymously via the externally hosted "Speak Up" system. Every report is forwarded to the relevant internal department and, if necessary, checked with additional expertise from other specialist functions. The system immediately confirms receipt of the message to the sender. We treat every inquiry with due attention and endeavor to respond within three working days. The system documents every reported concern and helps us to follow it up carefully and quickly.

 SpeakUp Community

Supply Chain Inquiry

Speira has the highest human rights and environmental expectations towards our employees and suppliers, which are set out in the Code of Conduct and the Supplier Code of Conduct. If you have any indications of possible violations within Speira or in relation to Speira's business partners throughout supply chain, please report the concern via the link below.

How to submit a complaint:  

The portal “SpeakUp“ is available free of charge 24/7 in various languages. It allows you to report human rights and environmental risks, as well as violations of human rights or environmental obligations in writing. Whistleblowers receive a report number and an individual password that allows them to inquire about the current processing status. Receipt of the report will be confirmed in text form and discussed directly with the whistleblower. The identity of the whistleblower shall remain confidential or, if requested, anonymous.  

The persons entrusted by Speira with the implementation of the complaint procedure are obliged to act impartially and to maintain confidentiality. 

You will help us in reviewing the report if you consider and answer the following questions when submitting the report: 

  • What happened? - Describe the details of the incident.
  • Who is involved? - Who is affected? 
  • When? - When was the incident? 
  • How? - How often did the incident happen? 
  • Where? - Where did the incident take place? 

We encourage the reporting of concerns and will not take action against anyone who, in good faith, raises a concern about presumably illegal, unethical, or undesirable behavior. Speira’s Code of Conduct prohibits taking adverse action against the reporting individual.

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