We think in life cycles Integrated Sustainability – that’s our strategy

To protect our planet as best we can, we are pursuing an ambitious sustainability strategy with a strong focus on the CO2 footprint and transparency of our products and operations.

This commitment is also highlighted by our membership in the Aluminium Stewardship Initiative (ASI), where aspects such as human rights, resource reduction and employee well-being are all aspects of our certification against ASI’s Performance & Chain of Custody Standards.

Speira has strong connections to the areas in which we work and live. We have worked hard over the years to promote our business operations and are proud of the relationships we have built with local organizations and community groups to further develop these areas.

The full potential of aluminium How we optimize production, processing, and recycling

At Speira, we take sustainability very seriously. A prime example can be seen in our supply chain operations, where we have reduced our CO2 emissions footprint by 25% over the last five years by carefully selecting suppliers who provide us with aluminium featuring a low CO2 footprint.

We work closely with our partners to analyze each stage of aluminium production to identify new possibilities, and to share the data together along with our expertise. In this way, we are continuously striving to produce our products efficiently and with the environment in mind along each step of the process.

We do all this with the aim of creating a circular society that not only  benefits of our customers but to also ensures the necessary resources for future generations.

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Analyzing, identifying, improving – with absolute precision Our processes for resource-saving products

Aluminium is the perfect material for our ambitions! For example, it provides safe, lightweight components for the automotive industry, which helps to reduce overall emissions. However, the way aluminium is produced and processed is also a crucial success factor.

We are working to quantify and reduce all relevant emission sources, including those from raw materials.

That is why we have brought in external service providers to audit and certify our CO2 emissions and performance – evaluating this data helps us improve our energy management, supports resource efficiency, and increases our recycling rate.

Taking aluminium to the next level Using analysis and monitoring to achieve ambitious climate goals

It is our responsibility to use resources carefully and conscientiously. This philosophy shapes everything we do. As an aluminium company, we manufacture a wide range of products that vary in terms of production and energy requirements.

To assess these complex processes, we have introduced energy monitoring software that allows us to follow our performance in real-time. This makes it possible to monitor operating conditions and contributing factors based on their efficiency. In turn, this ensures productive plant management, identifies potential savings, and helps us implement the necessary measures to reduce our energy consumption.

Our material has no end How we make aluminium re-usable, again and again

Responsibility for our products does not end at the manufacturing stage. We are actively committed to creating a closed-loop material flow. As such, we support several initiatives to ensure that more and more aluminium products are properly recycled at the end of their life. Currently, the average recycling rate for aluminium beverage cans in Europe is 76%. Together with our industry partners, we want to increase this figure and ensure by 2030 that all our aluminium products are fully recovered and recycled. And that’s not all: by 2025, we aim to see the use of recycled metal in our production exceed 40%. Innovative sorting and recycling technologies as well as close collaboration with our direct customers in the food and beverage industry will help us on this journey.

Our shared path to the future Efficient production, powerful innovations, and further development

At Speira, we are all about aluminium, the material of the future, and not just for our sake. Replacing other materials with aluminium can encourage greener mobility and more sustainable transport routes. A potential that we enthusiastically promote! For example, we have invested €130 million in a new production line at our headquarters in Grevenbroich, enabling us to increase our capacity for aluminium-based car bodies from 50,000 tonnes to 200,000 tonnes.

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