Save weight and emissions: Aluminium

The transportation of goods is evolving in much the same way as passenger transport. The focus is placed on the most efficient usage of the truck and its trailer.

More efficient transportation thanks to larger payloads

We can provide you with material solutions for silo, tank and special vehicles as well as vans, heavy-duty trucks, refrigerated trailers and flatbed or platform trailers - in all shapes and sizes.

The load-bearing aluminium components in the chassis and driver's cab have high strength, are corrosion-resistant and have a low net weight.

The resulting payload can be higher, while fuel consumption is reduced. These adjustments have a noticeable impact: for heavy tractor units, for every 10% reduction in weight, fuel consumption falls by 5.5%.

Less fuel consumption, more climate protection. Our lightweight material solutions for passenger and freight transportation

When transporting people, the focus is on safety, while with commercial vehicles, it is on cost-effective mobility. We make both possible with our aluminium-based solutions for buses, trains, trailers and trucks.

Aluminium combines flat surfaces with good bending properties and high rigidity. This creates an ideal basis for the perfect surface finish and the greatest possible safety for the end products, with efficient and sustainable transportation. This is because aluminium enables weight savings to be made even during production, resulting in lower fuel consumption and thus lower emissions.

A clear track for aluminium Our cost-efficient material solutions for rail rolling stock

With rail cars, the emphasis is not simply on safe transport, but also on weight savings and flexibility in production. At Speira, we manufacture material solutions for railcar bodywork, made of aluminium, of course. This is because our material is ideally suited for further processing thanks to its uniformly smooth surface.

Especially for passenger trains, the required parts are often larger. We can easily meet this requirement - because at Speira we are able to roll in different widths and are highly flexible in terms of material thickness.

In addition, by using aluminium, we ensure that the trains weigh less, which improves the environmental record and furthers the cause of sustainable mobility by public transportation.

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License plates and traffic signs We are driving up sustainability

Our aluminum material solutions play a role not only on the road itself, but also along the roadside: After all, robust and weather-resistant road signs are needed in traffic. At the same time, vehicles require equally dependable license plates. And that's exactly what our work ensures. At Speira, we have been supplying the market with painted and unpainted semi-finished products for more than 30 years, which can alternatively be supplied without lubrication. Our portfolio includes a wide range of alloys in a variety of hardnesses as well as a range of dimensions, with widths of up to 2000 mm.

With our recycling-friendly alloys for robust traffic signs and number plates

Our patented electrochemical pre-treatment of the aluminium surface produces excellent adhesion properties for coatings and reflective foils. This creates a protective coating which, together with our specially-developed process, ensures exceptional corrosion protection from salt and gasoline. For example, these can be used to produce licensed and low-maintenance traffic signs and license plates in outstanding quality.

We use environmentally-friendly materials in our manufacturing and continuously strive to make the process as resource-efficient as possible. The major advantage here: Aluminium is a material that inherently offers the best recycling properties. 

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