Kelaty House Wembley Student accommodation with façade made of TECTURA ALFHA1 AQ

The façade's natural aluminium-coloured anodized finish reflects the light differently depending on the time of day, so the appearance is constantly changing. Part of the aluminium panels was perforated, so that after the installation of the facade, an extraordinary design in the form of trees was created.

City: London

Country: Great Britain

Architect: Falconer Chester Hall

Builder: Watkin Jones

Facade Constructor: Sotech

Anodizing company: Alumet BV

Material type: TECTURA ALFHA1 AQ (EN AW 5005 H14)

Benefits of material: homogeneous appearance with guaranteed batch consistency, 100% recyclable

Thickness: 3 mm

Quantity: 98 tons

Kelaty House Wembley with perforated aluminium design


Close to Wembley football stadium is Kelaty House, which streches from 4 to 13 heights and consists of a total of 5 buildings. The buildings are arranged to form a community yard. The houses include a hotel with 300 beds and a student accommodation with approximately 700 beds. The design consists of three different surface finishes - matt, glossy and perforated.

For this project, Sotech produced hundreds of panels on an automatic panel bending machine. The panels with a total surface area of 6000 m² was subsequently anodized in the Netherlands by Alumet BV.

Speira supplied aluminium sheets of the material type TECTURA ALFHA1 AQ manufactured at the Hamburg plant. ALFHA1 AQ is a unique 5005A quality that has been specially developed for façade cladding where the surface is anodized in pieces. These anodized sheets provide a perfect consistent surface in combination with excellent flatness and bending properties. The sheets for this project were anodized in a natural aluminium colour and partially processed into perforated aluminium panels. The aluminium panels were arranged in the inner community yard of the building in such a way that they depict tree silhouettes. This creates a successful design link between the green inner yard and the façade.

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