Broadgate 3 London with façade made of TECTURA ALFHA1

The façade of the cylinder-shaped building is made of TECTURA ALFHA1 aluminium shingles and looks like an open gateway to invite visitors to pass their way through the pavilion. 

City: London

Country: Great Britain

Architect: Orms Designers & Architects Ltd

Builder: British Land

Facade Constructor: Pohl

Anodizing company: Alumet BV

Material type: TECTURA ALFHA1

Benefits of material: aesthetic visual appearance, uniform anodizing properties, excellent flatness and bending ability

Total area of the façade: 740 m2 

New attraction: Broadgate 3 with aluminium-bronze façade

The Broadgate 3 building is located within the Broadgate Campus, one of the largest passenger zones in the center of London, right next to the city center and Liverpool Street Station. Surrounded by two office buildings, the tower stretches 19 meters into the air with its special cylindrical shape, which makes it an absolutely unique building. In 2019, the architectural office Orms was commissioned to redesign the building. The suspended floor was removed to increase the height of the passageway from three to four meters. The passage was also flattened, which was previously a ramp. 

A new façade has been installed, giving the impression of an archway and visually expands the narrow space between the surrounding buildings. The cladding of pink granite was replaced by an aluminium façade. The appearance of the façade is intended to remind of a veil and thus of the history of the district as the home of clothmakers. 


Anodized aluminium for a shimmering metal façade

For the surface, which consists of a total of 5,370 shingles, Orms focused on a particularly low-maintenance, durable and fully recyclable aluminium solution. Most of the shingles were laser-perforated to structure the appearance of the façade. When anodizing aluminium, differently to powder coating, the top layer is transformed into a ceramic protective layer by anodic oxidation, creating a matt, silky or coloured surface that is resistant to all environmental influences. 

Broadgate 3 welcomed the first London citizens to make their daily way through the archway in spring 2019. The pavilion already has a new name: "The Knight of Broadgate".

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