Lusail Plaza Towers Façade cladding with TECTURA Giant

Lusail Plaza Towers are the new landmark in the city of Lusail, near Doha, the capital of Qatar. Built near the iconic soccer stadium, the four towers consist of a pair of 200-meter-high towers and another pair of 300 meters high. The aluminium façade rotates around the buildings at a 90-degree angle and is made of TECTURA Giant 5754 material type. Speira's aluminium panels were cut into a triangular shape and anodized to ensure a high-quality finish while increasing weather resistance.

City: Lusail City

Country: Qatar

Architect: Foster & Partners

Builder: Hyundai Engineering & Construction / BESIX

Facade Constructor: Alutec WLL​

Material type: TECTURA Giant 5754 H32​

Benefits of material: light, corrosion resistant, uniform surface finish after anodizing

Thickness: 2.600 mm x 11.800 mm und 1.000 mm x 11.800 mm

Quantity: 3.000 tons

Lusail Plaza Towers in focus

Lusail Plaza Towers was a landmark project in Lusail City, Qatar, consisting of four distinctive high-rise buildings. The towers currently house the headquarters of Qatar National Bank, Qatar Central Bank and Qatar Investment Authority, as well as several other global organizations, including Qatari Diar. The four towers are symmetrically arranged around a central plaza that complements the existing public spaces in Lusail City.

The elliptical aluminium façade rotates around the buildings at a 90-degree angle, providing stunning views of the surrounding city and waterfront. The façades were clad in marine grade Speira aluminium, intelligently wrapping the buildings. The cladding is partially translucent, allowing daylight to illuminate the interior. At the same time, the glazing is protected from direct sunlight.


Lusail Plaza Towers – clad with Speira marine grade aluminium

The TECTURA Giant façade sheets used are made of a specially developed type 5754 alloy and were cut to sizes of up to 2,600 mm wide and 11,800 mm long for the Lusail Plaza Towers project. Approximately 13,000 sheets, a total of 3,000 tons of aluminium, were shipped to Qatar where they were milled into triangular shapes, anodized and assembled into approximately 11,000 uniform façade panels by our customer Alutec WLL.

Due to the location of the Lusail Plaza Towers, the aluminium façade had to meet high requirements. Speira's façade material combines the most demanding product properties such as corrosion resistance and excellent strength. Thanks to the uniform surface finish after anodizing, it was possible to comply with the strict limits for glare of the façade.

Together with the towers' active energy systems, the aluminium façade contributes to a 35% reduction in energy consumption compared with a baseline building. The Lusail Plaza Towers achieve 4 and 5 stars, the highest level in the regional Global Sustainability Assessment System.

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