Accelerating sustainability in the superyacht industry

Speira new corporate partner of Water Revolution Foundation

The superyacht industry relies on the health of our oceans. Hence, the Water Revolution Foundation takes a constructive and collaborative approach that is aligned with the international scientific and institutional agenda. By providing the superyacht industry with tools, knowledge and best practices, the Foundation aims to be the central platform facilitating the shift towards the neutralisation of the industry’s ecological footprint and conservation of our precious oceans. A mission that is now also supported by rolling and recycling specialist Speira whose special alloys are also manufactured for shipbuilding. The Foundation aligns the superyacht industry with the strategic approach set by high-level international bodies including the United Nations and UNESCO.

“Speira’s collaboration with the Water Revolution Foundation focuses on innovation, fostering the development of new technologies and Aluminium solutions that can lead to more sustainable shipbuilding. It has the potential to set industry standards and inspire positive change on a broader scale, influencing how the maritime sector approaches sustainability regarding the impact of Aluminium applications. We are proud to be on board at the Water Revolution Foundation”, explains Shamus Donovan, Head of Sustainability at Speira.

The superyacht industry is the perfect breeding ground to trial, test and perfect new sustainable solutions. This is thanks to the extraordinarily influential clients who have the resources to drive sustainability, and the many skilled craftsmen, engineers and architects who are not afraid of pushing the boundaries. Furthermore, many superyachts are custom, one-off projects, meaning that each yacht is a vehicle for change.

But the Foundation’s mission does not end with superyachts. Yachts, like shipping vessels, are professionally-operated, ocean-going vessels that meet stringent global maritime regulations. That means that the same pioneering solutions developed by the superyacht industry can, and should, be adopted by the wider maritime industry.

Check out waterrevolutionfoundation.org for more information.

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