Record high production volumes from Speira Karmøy

Record high production volumes from Speira Karmøy

Karmøy, December 16th: This week, Speira Karmøy reached a milestone for the company. With a production of more than 90 000 tonnes, they have set a historical production record for the rolling mill before the end of the year.

- We are busier than ever with a full order backlog, and it's inspiring to see the performance delivered by employees here at Karmøy. This has been a very exciting year for us here at the rolling mill, and I am proud to show that Speira succeeds, says plant manager Pål Tage Endresen at Speira Karmøy.

The rolling mill became part of Speira on 1 June 2021, after Hydro sold its rolling business to KPS Capital Partners. As a new company, with a new name and new brand, there has been great interest in Speira's business from employees, customers and the local community at Karmøy.

- When we became Speira, we promised to deliver with speed without compromising on safety, and to set the standard for quality and sustainability in our industry. This milestone is an example of us setting clear goals and delivering on our high ambitions, says Endresen.

His experience is that many have been curious to get to know the new company, and that people are wondering whether employees feel a difference now that the rolling mill has become Speira.

- The answer to that is yes, Speira makes a difference. Everyone here at Karmøy knows the rolling mill and what we do, but we look forward to them getting to know Speira better and see also how we do it and what lies behind the new name. We call it "The Speira spirit," says Endresen.

Endresen expresses his thanks all employees who has worked hard to achieve the record-high production at Karmøy.

- The engagement and dedication shown by Speira every single day impresses me. Our owners invest in us, and we have high ambitions for the future, says Endresen.

Speira Karmøy produces rolled aluminum mainly for industries such as building and construction, electrotechnical products and the automotive industry.

For more information, contact:

Pål Tage Endresen

Plant Manager, Speira Karmøy

+47 916 87 310

About Speira

Speira is a global aluminium rolling and recycling company, consisting of seven manufacturing facilities, as well as one R&D center. Locations are in Germany and Norway including our Joint Venture Alunorf, the world´s largest aluminium rolling mill, the plant in Grevenbroich, the world´s largest rolled aluminium finishing mill, as well as several international sales offices. Speira employs around 5,000 people mainly in Germany and Norway.

Speira operations are built on over a century of aluminium rolling and recycling experience and technical expertise for aluminium products. Speira is proud to serve some of the most well-known companies in the global automotive, packaging, printing, engineering, building and construction industries.

Our name is a message: Speira comes from Greek and stands for a spiral of growing influence that originates from a strong core, uplifting performances and much more: Speira also stands for the circularity of production, using and recycling, again and again.

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