Speira Holmestrand delivers highest production volume in history

Speira Holmestrand delivers highest production volume in history

Holmestrand, December 14th: 2021 was a busy year for Speira in Holmestrand. Today the aluminium producer reaches a new milestone: 92,000 tons of aluminium produced so far this year. This is the highest production volume in history for the rolling mill in Holmestrand.

«This is a milestone for us in Speira and for Holmestrand. A lot has happened this year, and we see high demand from our customers. Our employees have made a great effort to deliver these results,” says plant manager Robert Grønli in Speira Holmestrand.

Speira Holmestrand delivers aluminium to a range of different customers mainly in the building and construction industry as well as beverage and food packaging. The increased and growing focus on sustainability, circular economy and recycled materials play a part in increasing the demand for aluminum from Speira in Holmestrand.

«The unique properties of our aluminium produced with recycled materials and an energy mix based on renewable hydropower is attractive to our customers. Speira is working with our partners to analyze each stage of aluminium production to identify new possibilities, and to produce our products with a lower footprint. For many customers, the pursuit of a more sustainable material is a key driver to choose aluminium from Speira,” says Grønli.

The facility in Holmestrand became part of Speira on June 1st 2021, after Hydro sold its rolling business to KPS Capital Partners. Grønli shares that the new company has given energy and enthusiasm to the organization in Holmestrand, and the feeling that the new owners believe in the future of the rolling mill. 

«This year our focus has been to deliver on our ambition to be a leading player and the industry benchmark in sustainability. This milestone is one example of setting clear goals and deliver on our high ambitions. The investment in a new main motor for the rolling mill earlier this year is another great example of how investments are coming here in Holmestrand,” says Grønli.

He underlines that the efforts made by employees and support from the local community in Holmestrand is crucial for the success of Speira Holmestrand.

«Our people are key to our success, and they are working around the clock to deliver on safety, quality and commercial results. I’m extremely proud of each and every one of our employees. We have also appreciated the interest from the local community now that we are Speira. Everyone knew Hydro, and now they are curious to get to know us as Speira and our ambitions for the future,” he says.

About Speira

Speira is a global aluminium rolling and recycling company, consisting of seven manufacturing facilities, as well as one R&D center. Locations are in Germany and Norway including our Joint Venture Alunorf, the world´s largest aluminium rolling mill, the plant in Grevenbroich, the world´s largest rolled aluminium finishing mill, as well as several international sales offices. Speira employs around 5,000 people mainly in Germany and Norway.

Speira operations are built on over a century of aluminium rolling and recycling experience and technical expertise for aluminium products. Speira is proud to serve some of the most well-known companies in the global automotive, packaging, printing, engineering, building and construction industries.

Our name is a message: Speira comes from Greek and stands for a spiral of growing influence that originates from a strong core, uplifting performances and much more: Speira also stands for the circularity of production, using and recycling, again and again.

For more information about Speira, please visit www.speira.com