St. John's Terminal Google Campus façade clad with TECTURA ALFHA1

St. John's Terminal in New York was designed by COOKFOX Architects, DPC. The project impressively demonstrates the change of use from a cargo terminal to Google's modern office complex. The façade of the new building was clad with Speira aluminium of the TECTURA ALFHA1 material type.

City: New York

Country: United States of America

Architect: COOKFOX Architects, DPC

Builder: Turner Constructions

Facade Manufacturer: INTERCOM FACADES

Material type: TECTURA ALFHA1 AQ

Benefits of material: lightweight, weather resistant, meets the highest aesthetic demands

Thickness: 3.0 mm

Quantity: 80 tons

Former freight terminal under reconstruction

The original building was built in 1934 by the New York Central Railroad and was first used as a freight terminal. After initial conversion work in 1960, the building on the Hudson River could be used as office space. At that time, a total of 70,000 m2 was available. In 2014, COOKFOX Architects, DPC submitted plans to restructure and expand the building again. The implementation began in 2019 and a completion date of mid-2023 is planned.

During the conversion of the St. John's Terminal, the lower three floors of the original building were preserved. After the ceiling height was moved and twelve new floors were created, the office complex now consists of a total of 14 floors. The new building has added 132.000 m2 of office space. In 2021, St. John's Terminal was purchased by Google after a previous rent, to build the Google Hudson Square Campus in a direct location at the Hudson River.


Google Campus façade clad with Speira aluminium

Speira supplied aluminium sheets of the material type TECTURA ALFHA1 AQ to the customer Intercom Facades for the 8.000 m2 façade. The sheets were given a lengthwise brushed surface before being processed into façade panels and then treated with an interference color anodizing in the shade of light grey, specially developed for this project. The brushed surface, together with the special coloring of the anodizing layer, was optimized to create a special iridescent color play with the surroundings during sunset.

St. John's Terminal has achieved LEED Platinum certification in spring 2023. This award is given to buildings that excel in energy savings, reduction of CO2 emissions and the selection of materials and resources.

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