Minimizing waste and boosting recycling in Karmøy

The rolling and recycling company Speira is making a new investment in Karmøy. For NOK 6 million, a new, state-of-the-art slag press will be installed, which will allow waste from aluminium production to be recycled.

“Not only will the quality of the product be higher, but we will reduce both operating costs and waste from production,” says Pål Tage Endresen, plant manager at Speira Karmøy.

Recycling and treatment of aluminium slag is an important part of Speira’s strategy to become even more sustainable.

During aluminium production, an oxide layer called aluminium slag forms. A slag press machine cools and presses aluminum melt out of the oxide using high pressure. The process takes about 30 minutes, and the result is a recycled aluminium product.

“We have a stated goal of setting the standard for sustainability in our industry. It is all about being strongly connected to the community in which we work and live, and aware of the role we can play in ensuring a sustainable future. Optimisation of production, processing and recycling are key words in this context,” says Endresen.

The new investment is one in a series of several that Speira has made in Karmøy since the rolling and recycling company was spun-off from Hydro in 2021. With well over NOK 100 million in new investments over the past three years, Speira has been able to purchase new and modern equipment. In addition to the slag press, the company has both put in place a new grinding machine and upgraded several of the production lines.

“Investing in new equipment is very important for Speira to be competitive in the future. The new slag press, which has already been placed on order, has twice the capacity of today's equipment, and will help consolidate our position as a leading player for rolled and recycled aluminium products,” concludes Endresen.

Expected delivery time is in early 2025.